Build letters and play lotto!
Five vowel puzzles made with extra-thick, jumbo sized pieces. Children can manipulate the tactile letters, begin to recognize words and have fun playing the lotto game!

This game introduces children to the discovery of vowels. Moreover, with the supplied materials you can organize an engaging bingo, which reinforces the recognition of letters and words with the corresponding initial.
SKILLS Recognizing vowels ‡ Associating graphemes with corresponding phonemes ‡ Expanding the lexicon ‡ Developing fine manual skills. The 5 large vowel puzzles consist of 4 pieces each. On each piece there is a picture of a subject whose name begins with a specific vowel. Next to each illustrated subject there is the corresponding initial vowel in a frosted surface, which can be traced with the finger thus favouring a multisensory approach to vowel recognition. The frosted letters are printed with4 different fonts: this may imply greater effort for the child but it is useful for more effective learning. Children can play alone or together with others.
VOWEL BINGO Together with the vowel puzzles, the game also includes 20 discs on which the subjects, their name and the corresponding initial letter printed with frosted ink are shown. The puzzles and discs can be used to organize a bingo. The large puzzle letters become the bingo cards which are then divided among the players, while all the discs are placed face down in the center of the table. Each child in turn draws a disk. If it is useful for his/her vowel, he/she places it near the corresponding subject, otherwise he/she puts it back on the table face down. Children aged four or five can play this bingo also by touching the covered part of the disk in an attempt to guess the right letter: it could be decided that they can make two attempts before moving onto the next player


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