Understand the measurement of capacity with this 5 piece set of transparent and graduated beakers which nest into each other for easy storage.

Set includes 5 graduated translucent plastic beakers with moulded pouring spouts.

Sizes: 50mℓ, 100mℓ, 250mℓ, 500mℓ, 1000mℓ.

Activity guide included.

Age 6+.

In the pack
• 5 Graduated translucent plastic beakers
• Sizes: 50 mℓ, 100 mℓ, 250 mℓ, 500 mℓ, 1000 mℓ.
• Activity guide included

*Polyplastic beakers hold hot liquids but are not to be used over an open flame or electric hot plate. They are not suitable for use with strong acids, bases, or solvents. Plastic beakers are used for mixing. The graduations are approximate and not intended for accurate liquid measurement.


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